Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review: The Dreables by R.A Jones

Original Title: The Dreables - A Merryweather Mystery
Author: R A Jones
Publisher: Lucky Bat Books
Published Date: October 2011
Genre: Children's, Mystery

Sam Jones’ holiday with Gran is all baking and cats (yawn). But when she gets a cry for help from her old village, everything changes. Something bad is happening and only Gran can fix it. But when she falls victim to a shapeshifter’s trick, Sam is left alone with just dog, cat and cherry bakewells. Things look bleak..But the Dreables haven’t bargained for Gran’s secret gift to Sam. Cunning…


Dreables is a short and enjoyable read for kids.  Samuel Jones, a 10-year old, visits his grandmother, Gwladys Merryweather, for a week, with so much sulking to stay there.  He thinks his grandmother is so old-fashioned and she keeps on mumbling about certain things, which mostly doesn't make sense.

But, things change, when a girl nearly his age calls for help from his grandmother.  Sam's boring days suddenly turns adventurous and he learns more about his grandmother and the Merryweathers.  Sam helps his grandmother in protecting the village from a certain special called Dreables.

Sam learns so much in his adventures and his love and knowledge increases for his grandmother.  This book would sure be a hit with kids, because there are some paranormal elements inserted, so that the kids can learn through fantasy.  Moms of sulking kids! You can buy this novel to your kid - not only will they enjoy the read and learn something, but they can definitely relate themselves to Sam so easily.  And adults, if you can read children's book, take time to read this, because not all of us know what it feels like to be old-fashioned, until, we, one boring day, become one.  Old people deserve more care and understanding from us.

R.A. Jones definitely had made a great kids read.  As much as I recommend it for kids, I definitely won't recommend it to adults, who can't stand children's books. :)

Would make a great read for kids!

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