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Review: Remember the Future (Fear of the Past #3)

Original Title: Remember the Future
Series: Fear of the Past #3
Author: Claude Nougat
Published Date: November 23rd 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tony who has emerged from the coma his accident had plunged him into (see book 2)tries to take his life in his own hands. He is torn between his fear of the past and his love for Lucia, a beautiful designer, four years older than he is. For him, the age difference doesn't count, for her it's a problem unless he makes a success of his life. She prods him to take a job as a computer science consultant at the University of Catania.

Soon he hits the jackpot: he creates with the help of university students a social network that is an innovative mix between Facebook and Second Life. Called the Chat Club, it lets Club members choose period costumes and meet their friends in "historical houses", much like a costume party.

It is an instant success and Lucia is won over. But it attracts the appetite of both the Sicilian and Russian mafia. Soon a battle for control of the Chat Club ensues. When Russian hackers attack the Chat Club and kidnap Lucia, Tony has to use every resource at his disposal to fight back. An old friend of his, a specialist in Internet security nicknamed Billy-the-Rootkit comes to his rescue...Since this is a thriller, it is not appropriate to give out the ending here.


I have to admit that I loved this series for all the reasons I had not expected.  The first one being the novel's effort of describing various technological domains.  Next, well thought-out plot.  Last, excellent writing.

Tony is now trying to live his present life and wants to win the heart of the girl, he loves - Lucia.  The concept of integrating "Second Life" with "Facebook" is interesting.  All the tech words and concepts sounds fun to read.  But, Tony has some really bad problems with his investors, who happen to be gangsters.  Will Tony claim his present life and make it successful? Or would he do the same mistakes as his ancestors and bring down everything he loves?

I really have to appreciate the author for trying to give us an explanation for Tony's visits to his ancestors' past.  Hats off!!!  This novel also felt like a mystery novel, when the concept of hackers was thrown in.  The newly introduced characters were really good, especially Billy, the security expert.

Am really glad that I picked up this series.  Recommended!

A perfect ending to a beautifully written series!

'Fear of the Past' Series order

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2.  Reclaim the Present - Read review here
3.  Remember the Future

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