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Interview & Giveaway: Author Tom Jackson

I recently had the pleasure of reading 'The Devil's Legacy' by Tom Jackson.  There will be many questions in your mind, regarding the Parthenon Marbles, and our history, after reading this book.  If you look into the Facebook profile of the author, there will be many recent posts regarding that.

For knowing more of the book, read my review here.  If you still have not read the book, but would like to read, participate in the giveaway below (Courtesy to author).

And the author has also shared a guest post about his research and other great things.  Read the guest post here.

Today, he has kindly accepted to offer an interview with "Books Are Magic". 


What is your favourite character in the book and why?

Difficult, because I like them all. But let’s say Johnnie Walker - because he really has hit rock bottom, and then finds a new reason to live again. And he maintains a sense of humour, even when down.

We are aware that you are going to continue this book as a series.  Any sneak peeks you can share?

Let me just say that the sequel will be set in Greece again, and will have elements of Greek shipping and international banking. Sounds boring? Not with what I have in mind!

Where did you come up with this title?

Each of the chapters is prefaced by a quotation from the works of the famous Greek poet, Constantine Cavafy, and I thought at first of using one of these as the title. However, the theme of ‘Legacy’ runs through the book on different levels, and whilst one of the characters in my novel is actually referred to several times as a ‘Devil’, again the Devil could have several connotations in the context of my novel.

Did you have any other titles in mind?

As in 3 above. Also, I did think about ‘The Devil’s Inheritance’ - but then discovered that a non-fiction/history book with this name was due out soon.

Where do you write your novel? Is it a messy desk or a great garden or a coffeeshop?  Any picture would be a great visual.

Mostly at my very messy desk in our basement, next to my pool/snooker table - although I don’t get to play pool/snooker very much nowadays. My favourite place is in the lounge at our house in Perdika. We have a wonderful view.

Apart from this series, do you have any other future literary plans?

Yes. I am really interested in doing a trilogy set in Greece in the 19th century and tracing a specific person’s life. I don’t want to say any more at this stage.

What was the hardest part about writing The Devil’s Legacy?

This is an easy one to answer. The interweaving of the various plots spanning four centuries (backwards and forwards) so that it all fits together and makes sense was very challenging. Many times I had to re-visit scenes to re-draft/amend so that ‘the whole came together as one’.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with another author, who would be your pick?

Not sure I could collaborate with anyone. I like to develop my own ideas too much. If I were pushed I would opt for Robert Ludlum. I love the way he constructs the plots of his novels.

If you are given a second chance at your book, will you change anything in it?

No, not really. Maybe some minor points, but nothing significant. I think I must have re-written it dozens of times to get it the way I wanted.

Three 'good to know' facts about you.

Internally - I like everything I do to be perfect.
Externally - I have an easy-going approach to life.
The most important thing for me is ‘my family’.

Quick Answers

Favorite country?
Greece, of course

Favorite Prime Minister?
Winston Churchill

Favorite place?
Perdika, Aegina

Favorite pastime?

Favorite book?
Pride and Prejudice

Favorite author?
Jane Austen

Favorite series?
Yes Prime Minister, NCIS, Castle, The Mentalist

Favorite genre?
Adventure / Mystery

Favorite writing spot?

Favorite movie?
Difficult, but . . . Casablanca - I’m a Bogart fan!

Favorite dish?
Anything Greek - the list is endless!

Favorite color?

Favorite quote?
“You look like the flood’s started and you’ve just got word Noah’s rescinded your complimentary pass for ‘the Ark’.”

Your worst trait?
Impatience, when faced with bureaucracy or stupidity

Your best trait?
Imagination - I hope!

International E-book Giveaway

The author is giving away an e-book copy of The Devil's Legacy to one of you.  All you have to do is enter the giveaway below and follow the instructions.  The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.  And its there for a week.  So, please stop by daily and enter the giveaway for more entries.

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  1. Awesome interview! I liked all those 'Quick Answers'. Thanks for the giveaway :)

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