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Review: The Devil's Legacy

Original Title: The Devil's Legacy
Author: Tom Jackson
Published Date: October 27th 2011
Genre: History, Mystery

Well, if you didn't see the above book cover properly, please see it again.  This is a book of hope, where all you can see is deception.  The cover of this book says it all.

The legendary Parthenon Marbles from the British museum is going to be returned back to Greece in another six months..or so the British Prime Minister has given word to the media.  But, the Marbles, that the British possesses are fake and there is a secret "Pandora's Box", which contains a clue of the theft, that was committed two hundred years ago.  The British has two options now: Come clean to the public with the news and face the consequences; or find the Marbles that was lost two hundred years ago in six months time.

The British goes with the second option and a team comprising the experts in various fields with one female lawyer as lead is formed.  The team's job is to find the marbles within six months without anyone else knowing about it.  But as soon as they began their search, their secrecy is leaked and they are being followed everywhere by collectors and gangsters.

In spite of all the hopelessness, the team starts with their research to find the Marbles and the real adventure begins.

To say, I am not good in historical facts, will be an understatement.  But, this book had me stunned by all the events, that 'might have' occurred in history, as a result of deception and greed.   Many historical places, persons and other references in the book are new to me, but I absolutely enjoyed knowing about them all.

Tom Jackson is a debut author and I have not read much of historical fiction.  So, I started reading this book without any expectations.  But, this book would have, anyway, exceeded all the expectations, if I have set any.  The author had done an amazing job on bringing all the events in accurate detail.  The novel is told in many different times of history and I can just tell how difficult it would be to bring them all in a page, without any confusions.  There must be a massive research for writing this book and as always, I wish I had known the details.

A great and challenging read!  Highly recommended for historical fiction lovers!

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About the Author

Tom Jackson hails from cold and wet Manchester, England and was with a British bank for over 30 years. He moved to Greece in 1977, met his wife (who is Greek and an artist) and decided to remain in Homer’s land of sun and sea. He has a daughter, Natalie, who is a lawyer, and the inspiration behind the protagonist in his debut novel, ‘The Devil’s Legacy’.

He is already thinking about a sequel to ‘The Devil’s Legacy’, and also has an idea for a trilogy set in nineteenth century Greece.

Tom maintains his close links to the Greek shipping community, posts occasional articles on financial and shipping related matters, is enjoying his new Kindle, has started to cultivate roses, and is an avid Manchester United supporter.

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Tom Jackson online

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  1. Hi Vidya,
    Many thanks for a really wonderful review.
    I am truly happy that you enjoyed 'The Devil's Legacy' so much. Writing is about self-fulfillment, but more than that it is about giving pleasure to the reader. Your post makes me feel that I have achieved that.
    Thanks again,
    Best Wishes,
    Tom Jackson

  2. Thanks Tom! I am glad I read your book. :)

  3. Very nice review. Makes one know more about the book. I'm already your fan. Thanks for linking up to Get connected Tuesday Blog Hop. Sending you greetings from WORLD BLOGGERS COMMUNITY.

  4. Nice review! I really like your blog- i'm following you. ^^

  5. Really a nice review, even some time I have give up the idea of reading a novel due to my work pressure but your reviews are again initiating me to spend time on reading. And I really appreciate you for providing the nice review in your busy schedule.
    More over the review about this book really make an interest inside me to read this. Since I am much fascinating about the historic novel, that too the book which correlating the events perfectly in an interesting way. From your review, I hope Tom has did that job well.
    I believe I will read this book at least with in 3 months of time :)

    1. Thanks Prasanna! Its definitely a challenging read! Usually I take 4-6 hours to complete a normal book. But this book has taken 2 full days..and I am glad its worth every second of my time. I hope you enjoy this too.

  6. Your review leads me to think that this would be book I would enjoying reading. I really get into historical fiction. This sort of reminds me of Rick Riordan's work. Visiting from the WBC Blog Hop.

  7. Hi! I'm a new follower after "meeting" you on RaqzOrbill's Book Blogger Group. Would love if you'd consider following me too. Thanks!



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