Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Review: Dink and Daisy

Original Title: Dink and Daisy
Author: Joyce Mitchell
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published Date: September 29th 2011
Genre: Children's

Excerpt from Goodreads
Dink and Daisy is a fictional story of one not so cute ox-eye daisy (Dink) and a beautiful Gerbera daisy ( Daisy) who were accidentally planted in the wrong place and it seemed they would never be noticed by the owner (Barton's). The goal of all daisies was to be placed in a beautiful bouquet in the Barton's house as a place of beauty and honor.Their story displays how even when not as expected life can still turn out good if we "bloom where we are planted".


This book is about the journey of two daisy plants, from their seed phase to a bouquet inside the house. Dink and Daisy are those unfortunate plants, who become friends in due course and always there for one another. Their aim is to reach the bouquet. But as they are in the unsafe area - a sidewalk of their owner's house, they were faced with many problems, which contributes to the rest of the book.

This is a children's book and so they are light and cool. There can be some pictures, than using so many words. Kids are not usually used to read these kind of books without pictures. Atleast one picture for each chapter should do, to keep the kids get interested.

The book focuses on the moral that kids should learn through this journey of the daisies that, our job is to bloom no matter where we are placed in the world.

Some favorite quotes

She'll tell you quick it's her way or the highway!

This is where the good Lord put me, and I want to bloom where I'm planted.


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