Thursday, 23 February 2012

Feature & Follow #3

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Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most…


Hmm..I think its in my room - in my chair, near to the window..  I can always picture myself with my Kindle in my hand.  My brother used to tease so much that I always read in the same place, no matter what time it is..but still I enjoy that place, where I can read peacefully.  For that matter, any peaceful and pleasant place is great for me to read.. :)

So, what is your favorite reading spot?  Follow me and comment below, so that I can follow you back!  Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend to everyone!


  1. I would love to be able to read in a chair by the window (sounds perfect) but my desk chair is MIA at the moment!

    -New Follower


  2. In a chair reading is cool with me as long as its comfy!:)
    Happy Friday :)

    I'm an old follower btw
    My FF:

  3. Great choice, reading by the window is so soothing!

    New follower thanks to FF ;)

    My FF

  4. Following. I always read in the same spot, too. I also have a brother who teases me about my reading habits. :)

  5. New follower!

    I agree, anwhere peaceful is somewhere I think I can read. I can't read anywhere loud or I get distracted. That's why I usually read in my room.

    My F&F

  6. New follower! Awesome answer! Totally agree and love your post!!!! Looks comfy ;)

    Follow me too?

  7. Reading in the fresh air is so lovely...I'm under the fig tree!
    New follower.

  8. Yeah I agree, chairs are comfy!

    #New Follower

    Here's my #FF

  9. It great to have special place to read in, just brotherly love their teasing. ;)

    New follower! Come see my Friday Follow answer as well! Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. What is it with siblings and teasing you while you're reading? When I first read the Harry Potter books, my brother and sister had a little chant they used to taunt me with... But then they read them, and now they're both total bookworms! Hee!

    New follower :)

    Here’s our FF from The Feather and the Rose!

  11. I love reading in my room too - I like the quiet. I think reading by the window sounds lovely!

    New to your blog :)

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  12. :-) reading anywhere is awesome, but I do like sunlight best, for sure! Great choice!


  13. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Followed back! Cool answer!:)

  14. Great answer! I always carry my kindle with me too. I can't seem to go anywhere without having a book to read!

    My F&F

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire


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