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Top Ten Books You'd Hand to Someone who says they Don't Like to Read

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Top Ten Books You'd Hand to Someone who says they Don't Like to Read

Here is the list I selected for reluctant readers.  Some of the books, I have already tried on my friends and believe me, it works. :)  I have chosen books from different genre, to different type of users.

1.  The Hunger Games

This is one book that no-one, who read the book, can easily forget the thrill they got out of it.  I would highly recommend it.  This will be a recommendation for all user types.  I gifted this book to my friend, who hates fantasy and sci-fi, and she really really liked it.  I hope you will like too! And this is soon going to be a movie.  Read my review here to know more about it and there is a trailer there for you.

2.  Bossypants

Whether you are a love/hate books and love/hate fiction/non-fiction, you will definitely love Bossypants by Tina Fey.   Being in India, I have never known about Tina Fey much.  But, that was before this book.  Now,  I adore her talent in writing.  Only non-fiction book, I want to buy, read and gift.

3.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

No need to trust me on this, but you can trust two of my friends and my younger brother, who are so reluctant to read.  I introduced them to reading with this series.  Although they didn't like it much, atleast they started reading other books, after this. 

4.   Hushed

This is the book I didn't expect anything and somehow, totally lost inside the characters.  So thrilling, so disturbing..  This book is for people, who expects some disturbing experience through books. :)

5.  Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

Well, this is erotica.  And people, who are interested in erotic romance, will love it.  This contains adult content and so not eligible for kids.

 6.  Vampire Academy series

This is one of my all-time favorites.  People who expect unexpected twists in their books will love it.  Yeah, its a vampire novel, but you will not feel that way when you read the book.  So, those who hate vampires, give this book a chance.

7.  The Last Song

Of course, Nicholas Sparks!  People who don't read, usually watch a lot of movies (I think that is because they have so much time that we spend on reading).  So, you would have known about some famous movies - "The Notebook", "A Walk to Remember" and "The Last Song".  I didn't like the movie of this book, but this book is great!

8.  The Five Find-Outers series

This is specially for kids.  The series, written by Enid Blyton, is another of my all-time favorites.  I have read those books so many times, but still always love it every time.  Highly recommended for kids!  And also for adults, who just want to read for fun.  These are the mysteries, that you will enjoy as if you are part of it and all the kids in the book are your closest friends.

9.  Percy Jackson series

For fantasy lovers, I recommend reading this.  Light romance and lots of adventure, the series is a hit.

10.  Harry Potter series

Actually I should have given it in the top of the list.  This is the first series I read and this is what taught me books can be everything to a girl.  THE BEST, to me!  Will recommend it to every person in the world, who can read and likes to read.  If you can't read this series, then nothing can make you read!

Share with me your favorites or recommendation to our reluctant friends..

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  1. The Hunger Games. I had never heard of these until I read a short summary of the story back in November. My fiancee bought the trilogy for me as an Xmas gift, and finished them quickly. These books are hard to put down (the last one Mockingjay is depressing). I hope they do not ruin the film.
    Harry Potter. I read all of these when I was younger before the films (not a big fan of those. Another series that is easy to escape into.

    On the fantasy side of things I love a lot of writers... Clive Barker's The Imaagica, Abarat, The Thief Of Always! The Black Cauldron Series by Lloyd Alexander is great (juvenile fantasy). Any Glen Cook novels. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs has a great story & creepy photography.

    There are so many more!


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