Monday, 27 February 2012

Review Copy Cleanup

There are recently a lot of review copies keeping piling up and I decided to join this challenge to finish up most of the review copies and also, enjoy reading them.  It would be a great month to read along with so many of the other bloggers/friends, who also signed up for this.  Thanks to 'Books, Biscuits and Tea' for hosting.  Come and join the challenge!  Let's read together!


  1. Good idea - I have to make lots of lists to make sure I keep on top of the review copies :)

    By the way, I think GFC is only closing for non-Google blogs. Blogspot is part of Google so we should be okay!

  2. I am a list maker too. xo P.S. the blogger official blog did mention that they would be eventually removing the GFC for ALL blogs, you are correct. One day left to enter my giveaway!

  3. so we get books or is this from other programs that you all signed up for?


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