Thursday, 16 February 2012

Review: They Still Call Me Sister

Original Title: They Still Call Me Sister
Author: Deborah Plummer Bussey
Publisher: Half Dozen Publications
Published Date: December 16th 2011
Genre: Thriller

"They Still Call Me Sister" is a psychological thriller and one of those picked-up-unexpectedly-and-
got-surprised-because-I-liked-it type of book.  When I first started to read this book, I felt like I have picked a wrong book.  It felt like Christian fiction..and I am not into those genre books.  But, I was really wrong about it all.  Its not Christian fiction and its not at all boring (if you don't consider the first 20% of it).  I am glad, that I didn't stop reading this book in the middle.  It totally paid off in the end.

The novel starts with Kathy Carpenter joining the convent to lessen their family burden and also, if she joins, the convent will take care of her educational needs.  Kathy becomes a black nun psychologist in the convent and later some time in life, comes out of the convent and leads her own life.  Chanelle, who Kathy knew from her time as nun, a smart and beautiful woman, comes for treatment to Kathy.  Unexpectedly, after some days of treatment, Chanelle is found dead and the authorities decides it to be a suicide.  But, Kathy suspects it to be a murder and starts digging for some information around Chanelle.  Kathy, along with her sister Tina, when investigates about her death, soon stumbles into politician's and drug dealer's paths and their life is also in danger.

This book captures well the intentions and fears of the characters.  The psychologist, nun and the Sherlock part in Kathy is interesting to read.  Even though she knew that she is treading the path, where she has no knowledge or experience, her belief and intuitions keep her going.  Her relationship with her husband and her sisters are adorable.

Readers can guess who is the murderer, well before Kathy finds out.  But what is unexpected is, how she handles it.  And when we think all is well and good, the author gives a shock again.  The book was made enjoyable and its a talent of the author that makes a simple story.

Now that I have covered all the positives about this book, it also has some minor issues.  There is too much information on all the characters and I felt that's not too much of unnecessary information.  It makes the book more lengthy and the Sherlock in the readers starts sleeping.  Then, the first 20% of the book..its not impressive, yes, and most readers lack the patience to cross that much pages to understand what the book is all about.

An interesting mystery novel!  Readers, cross the first 40% of the book with patience, and then decide whether you like it or not.  I hope you will like the book, I did!


  1. This sounds like an interesting read...thanks for sharing your likes and dislikes

  2. Sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow! thanks for introducing me to this book! I love suspense!
    I tagged you

  4. a "black nun psychologist" in a convent, ay? LOL, that alone is worth reading :)


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