Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: Which Way Is My Home?

Original Title: Which Way Is My Home?
Author: John Pedicini
Illustrator: Pia Martino
Publisher: Choate & Simmons
Published Date: Feb 13th 2012
Genre: Children's, Adventure

*** This book is provided by the author for review purposes. ***

Beautiful children's book!

A seagull, which lost its home in the Arctic region due to melting of ice, travels in search of a home, along with a snail named Poco.  The seagull's slow movement earned him a nickname - "Slow Moe".  After many hours of tripping and falling, Slow Moe crash-lands in a forest, where some children and their puppy are lost and searching for help.  At the same time, the coyotes are trying to attack those children.  The adventure continues, along with beautiful illustrations, to whether the Slow Moe and Poco saves the children or not.

Beautiful and enjoyable verses of the book will definitely satisfy the children.  Cute and colorful illustrations are great and descriptive.  The illustrator has definitely done a great job!

Definitely recommended for kids below 8!



  1. Oh no did it end on a cliffhanger?! And is that pup crying? My heart is breaking here and I haven't even read the book. I hope it all ends well!

  2. Free copies at Amazon Kindle available until 11:45pm on Saturday, February 25th, 2012.

    1. I am happy to provide this guest post to Books Are Magic on my children's book, "Which Way Is My Home ?"

      The idea for the book comes from my interest in seagulls which started during family vacations to Maine in my youth. As a Dad, it continued with family vacations to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward's Island. In Canada, I followed the Ivory seagull which is the only seagull that lives on sea ice. This fact formed the basis of the story, whereby the Ivory seagull loses his home when the iceberg melts. Along his journey to find a new home, he is treated badly by fellow Ivory seagulls who, at one point, push him off a dock. There is a subplot to the story. The Ivory seagull never finds another iceberg to call home. But, he does find a group of friends who love him. Their friendship and love really represent his new home.

      I am a former free-lance writer for the Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper. Currently, I am working on a young adult nouvella due out in July 2012.

      My favorite book at age 5 was "Cat In The Hat". At age 11, I loved the children's book, "Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer" based on the television show featuring Burl Ives' songs. At age 15, I started turning to sci-fi with Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. At age 20, the sci-fi interest continued with "Star Wars".


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