Sunday, 1 July 2012

ARC Review: The Pack - Retribution

Original Title: The Pack: Retribution
Series: The Pack #2
Author: LM Preston
Publisher: Phenomenal One Press
Release Date: September 28th 2012
Genre: Science Fiction, Young adult

Revenge doesn't have a name, but has chosen a victim--Shamira. But she's never been the type to lie down and let someone hurt her family or her friends. In order to find the mastermind behind the threat to all she cares about, she must give up the one person who's found his way into her guarded heart, Valens. Valens refuses to back off easily, and neither will Shamira's friends. They join forces with her in order to deal with a new enemy who seeks to kill everyone in Shamira's life that dared save the missing kids on Mars.


*** A copy of this novel was provided by the author for review purposes. ***

This novel is set up in a different world - actually its Mars.

"The criminals in Earth that could be rehabilitated with hypnotic software that would remove the subject's desire to commit crime were released into the Mars relocation program.  Others that were too violent and twisted were put to death by electrical drowning in the Waters."

Shamira and her friends were in the training program for Security Force Elite Officers.  When their trainer was killed in an ambush, Shamira sets her mind to get to the killer, no matter what it takes.  Once blind, Shamira had very few friends.  But now, she has a sweet boyfriend and many loyal friends.  This training team was one of the reasons I loved this book.

Well thought-out plot, good world building and deeper characters made this book more enjoyable.  The theme is new.  The action, romance, revenge and technology played good in required sequences, which gives you something to think about, when you take a break from reading.

I had trouble understanding the first few pages.  But, that may be due to the fact that I am reading second book in the series, without reading its previous book.  The only other problem I faced was narration.  It could have been better.  Creating such an idea and a plot surrounding that idea is not an easy deal.  But, those efforts may not be recognized without proper narration.

*** There were a few sentence formation errors and the e-book had some bad formatting.

This is one of the very few science fiction novels I enjoyed.  My lack of interest in science always made me avoid science fiction novels.  But, this was easy and understandable.  Thanks to that!

3.5 stars!

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