Friday, 13 July 2012

Review: Deathloop by G. Brailey

When successful, charismatic lawyer, Zack Fortune, reluctantly agrees to take part in past life regression, the visions that confront him during the hypnosis are so horrific he cuts the session short. But the following day, a young woman, completely unknown to Zack, standing on a high roof calls out to him by name asking him to catch her, moments before she jumps and kills herself. When a strange boy starts to stalk him, and an ex-girlfriend accuses him of assault, suddenly Zack’s perfect world starts descending into chaos, and when, one by one, he comes across more strangers who call out to him to save them, moments before they die in tragic circumstances, Zack embarks on a desperate journey to solve this bewildering, anarchic puzzle that is threatening to destroy him.


This novel may fall under supernatural novel, although it sounds like a mystery.

Zack unexpectedly stumbles into an experiment involving past life and when he comes out of that in between the process, his life becomes as weird as it could become.  He sees various strange deaths of complete strangers.  These people, before their death, calls out his name and asks him to help them.  As if this was not enough of a Hell, his ex-girlfriend has filed a complaint on him under rape.  Although Zack doesn't remember anything like that happening, the proofs show him guilty.  So, in a few days, rich and respected Zack Fortune's life had gone down in drain.

So, you know what makes this book interesting now.  This novel, although too lengthy, is well-written.  The author has showed the life behind every character that comes in this novel.  That's a fresh take on novels.  I loved most of the characters, because of that understanding.

There were some confusions in the novel.  The involvement of Jack is one thing; although the plot was taken in a way like Zack's views of death are due to that experiment, Zack started seeing strange things, even before that experiment.

Good try on mystery!

3.5 stars!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! Hmmm... I liked the premise... might have to save this one for a splurge/sales day :)


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