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Book Feature & Guest Post (The Escape): Exiled by J.R. Wagner

Original Title: Exiled
Series: The Never Chronicles #1
Author: J.R. Wagner
Publisher: Live Oak Book Company
Release Date: June 5th, 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Young-adult

Exiled is a fantasy novel written for young adults about a boy (15) who is wrongfully accused of murdering his mentor and banished to The Never, a place from which there is no chance of escape. James must first learn to survive in this inhospitable environment before finding a way to return home, where he believes he must be the one
to save his kind from destroying themselves.

Full of sorcery, treachery, tragedy, adventure and excitement, Exiled is book one of The Never Chronicles, which in full, completes the story of James, The Never and the feared Epoch Terminus – the rapidly approaching date marking the end of his world.

Every other chapter follows James in The Never, while, in “Lost”-like fashion, the alternating chapters provide back-story. The story lines eventually come crashing together in dramatic fashion, tying sub-plots together and providing the reader a “wow” moment.


- Guest post By J.R. Wagner

Only during fourth period did I realize the sticker on my newly purchased jeans had been running down my leg all morning.


Not only was it embarrassing that I’d forgotten to remove the sticker, but the entire school had realized that my pant size is that of a sixth grader. Fortunately, my good friend, Lisa, was kind enough to point it out.  By the time I hit fifth period, I was still wondering if there was even the slightest possibility that Lisa likes me…that is until I saw her kissing my arch-nemesis, Dave.

Ugh, how could someone so kind, smart and sweet fall for such a meat-head. I’d call him a jock but he doesn’t play any sports. He’s too self-involved to play sports.  All he does is lift weights and look at himself in the mirror.

I was snapped out of my spiteful stare by a tug on my arm.  There went all my books –spread across the hallway like a bag of marbles dumped down a set of stairs. I didn’t even have time to curse at the jerk who did it because the culprit disappeared into the throngs of students who didn’t even slow as the books, papers, folders and binders hit their feet –they just kicked them out of their way.  By the time I got everything picked up, I’d traveled a good hundred feet down the hall, descended two sets of steps and out one door into the rain… and the late bell has long since rung.

Why don’t I use a book-bag, you ask?  Well, remember the gym-rat, Dave?  He decided to use my book-bag as an experiment on the bus the other morning. His equally juiced-up friend, Brett, bet Dave he couldn’t rip a book-bag in half with his bare hands. Dave won. Of course, I was the silent victim.

When I got home, Mom was pissed that my new book-bag had been ruined. I told her I snagged it on an open locker.  She didn’t believe me and said I had to buy a new one with my own money, which I am saving for the next edition of Zombie Warfare,  (releasing in two weeks) Zombies versus Vampires on Mars. So, THAT is why I didn’t have my books in a book-bag.

I crept into health class and attempted to take my seat unnoticed by Mr. Swingline who, of all people on the planet, shouldn’t be teaching others about health.  Enough said. Somehow, Swingline, with his meat-laden eyelids managed to spot me and shouted, ‘Detention, Mr. Grey!’ loud enough to make his jowls quiver.  I’m surprised his diseased-infested lungs had the capacity to produce such a volume…but I digress.

So, I got to call my mom (no I don’t have a cell phone –long story) and tell her I need to be picked up after detention (that went over well) and spent the better part of three hours –yes detentions are THREE ungodly long hours here at Armwell College Preparatory School.  I spent the first twenty minutes organizing my armloads of books, papers, folders and binders.  Near the end of my reorganization process, I stumbled upon something that wasn’t in my possession this morning. A book.

The book was bound in old looking leather (I can’t believe I didn’t notice it under my arm all day) and the page edges were worn and yellowed.  When I opened the front cover, I came upon a hand-written note.

‘May the limitations of your destinations by self-imposed by your imagination.’

It was neither signed nor dated but something gave me the feeling that it was the author who had inked the message. I turned the page and melted away into another world leaving all my worries behind.


Watch a theatrical book trailer:


J.R. Wagner's Exiled - the first in The Never Chronicles -  will be FREE on Amazon Tuesday, August 7 - Wednesday August 8.

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