Monday, 9 July 2012

Guest Post & Book Feature: Dana White by June White

One cannot deny the immense popularity of Dana White in the MMA community and business world. Dana has millions of fans around the world; he has been invited to speak at Oxford University in England, Harvard University and at Bill Gates yearly conference of the world’s 200 most noteworthy individuals. Dana has made himself a multimillionaire before the age of forty, and has received many awards since taking over as President of the UFC, but who is this individual.

Who is Dana White? What is known about Dana White outside of what he tells the media about himself?

This is a biography of Dana White, no myths, no lies, no tales, nothing but the truth about the boy, the man, the king, the dictator.

Author's Note

I have written a book about my son, Dana White who is owner of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). As many of you know, my son has created a fan base of millions in the United States and around the world. Under my son's leadership, the very sport of mixed martial arts has emerged into an international billion dollar enterprise in a very short period of time.
I could really use some help picking a new title for my book. It is an unauthorized biography that speaks of many aspects of my son's life. The book chronicles who Dana used to be, where he came from and the person he has ultimately become. Please submit your entries HERE. 

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Genre - Biographies & Memoir
Rating - PG13

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Most of us have heard of the story of Faust or some variation of it. Faust unhappy with his life and the limited things he has makes a deal with the devil. An arrangement where he wants more from life and exchanges his soul, (his moral integrity) to achieve the things he longs for and are out of reach for him. He cares more about power, success and worldly pleasures and is willing to trade his soul to have them.
If this were truly an option for you to choose today how many would take the deal? If offered all the things money and power could provide you in your life now and for the next 24 years would you think it worth the final outcome? The final outcome being eternal damnation, your soul spending eternity in the fires of hell.
In this situation there is no debate over whether heaven and hell exist. The devil has approached Faust and offered him everything he could possibly want while alive; would you consider it? Would you take a determined amount of time on earth with unlimited money, power, and success?
The difference with this tale and people today who have attained these things in their life; money, power and success, is many of them don't carry a strong faith and believe there is a heaven or hell. That what they have and do now is all there is, no consequences for their actions, once given to the earth that is our end. So at what cost are we willing to attain these things? Money, houses, cars and other material possessions may be part of your life but is integrity, character and a sense of duty worth more than all of that?  Should you take time to make a difference, to realize and understand relationships are more important than accomplishments if you've allowed those to take a back seat to material possessions. That a persons character is worth much more than power, money and success. 
At what point is the cost too great?
I know from personal experience what my answer would be.

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