Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review: Life In Death

Title:  Life in Death
Author:  Harlow Drake
Release Date: May 13th 2012
Length:  25,000 words
Sub-Genre:  Mystery, Thriller

When a girl that social worker Kari Marchant places in foster care is brutally murdered, she’s compelled to learn why. Her quest for the truth pits her against friends and coworkers. As Kari works to solve the horrific plot, more people die.  How far should she go to learn the truth—even if it threatens her life?

When homicide detective Rance Nicolet meets Kari, his attraction to her is powerful—and the feeling is mutual. But things between them go terribly wrong when Kari’s old lover is found murdered with a letter from her in his pocket. The evidence against Kari is damning. Rance’s personal and professional lives collide. Does he blindly believe the woman he’s falling in love with or follow the evidence no matter where it leads?


This is one of those books that I would recommend to everyone, if they ask me for a mystery.

The novel starts with a death and ends with a cemetery.  The novel is entirely grazed with deaths of most of the characters.  All these deaths are somehow connected to Kari Marchant, a social worker and the protagonist of our novel.  Detectives Cobb and Nicolet were in trail.  Nicolet and Kari get attracted towards each other, but the business at hand is more serious for them to be distracted.  Murders keep happening and Kari somehow happens to be everywhere.

It was an extremely satisfying mystery novel.  People are so bad here and they are still in high social status in the society.  Some other people are extremely bad and they are in good man's clothes to hide their real ugly faces.  Innocent gets hurt and no-one can do anything about it.  While we are stunned facing the realities of the world,  the author has given a perfect plot that kept me wondering "how the hell did I not see that happening?".  The author has delivered one of the best mysteries that I have read this year.

Perfect blend of all elements needed for mystery!


  1. This sounds like a really great book and after a 5 star review I'll definitely have to read it! :)

    What's Hot?

  2. I used to read mysteries all the time then found paranormal and have been stuck ever since but this sounds so good. I think I will get this one. Just added it to my list on Amazon.


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