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Interview & Giveaway: Maid for Pleasure by Lucy Rodgers


Insurance actuary Libby Beckett is the epitome of a successful, independent, modern woman. With her six figure salary, she has a condo overlooking the beach, a BMW, and a closet full of fabulous shoes. So why isn’t she happy? And why do her fantasies always involve whips, bondage, and sexual slavery? Her desires are impossible to explain her buttoned-down accountant boyfriend, which is why when she stumbles across a website for a quasi-dating service for submissive women called Maid for It, she signs up. She’s quickly “matched” to Gavin Huntley, an engineer and inventor possessed of a small fortune and his own private island in the Caribbean. After carefully weighing the risks and rewards, as any good actuary should do, Libby breaks it off with her boyfriend and heads to Gavin’s island for what she promises herself will be two weeks to explore her darkest, dirtiest desires. When her time is up, she’ll say her safe word and, as outlined in Maid for It’s contract, Gavin will be required to release her. But Gavin knows what Libby truly needs, and it’s not to be free. She’s made for pleasure—his pleasure—and he intends to put her to good use. Forever.


1.      Is there an inspiration behind why you chose writing?

Like a lot of writers, I guess my inspiration was simply the stories and characters that would pop into my head and demand to get out. For a long time, I kept those stories to myself because I thought I was the only one who would be interested in them, but if you’re going to write them, at some point, it seems sort of silly to keep them to yourself!

2.      When you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?

Oh, I always wanted to be a writer. I used to put myself to sleep at night by telling myself stories. That said, when I got a little older and realized how hard it was to become a published writer, I decided I wanted to be an English teacher instead.

3.      Finish the sentence- one book I wish I had written is....

Whatever the next book I’m writing! Honestly, I have no desire to have written anyone else’s books. The only stories I want to have written are my own. That said, I do generally wish whatever book I’m writing is actually finished because the next idea is generally waiting in the wings and tends to get louder and pushier the longer it takes to write the current one.

4.      What are your current literary works?  Any sneak peaks?

I have two novellas available, Maid for It and Maid for Pleasure. The third novella in the series, Maid for Submission, should be out sometime this fall.

Here’s the cover copy and cover art for Maid for Submission:

Investigative journalist Ekaterina Tarasova needs to get out of Russia and fast. She finds her escape in the form of an online dating service called Maid for It. In exchange for her agreement to enter into a sexual relationship with one of the service’s clients, she can emigrate quickly and legally to the US. Desperate to put as much distance between herself and Russian authorities as possible, Katya jumps at the opportunity. After all, once she’s in the US, she can apply for political asylum.

As soon as her flight touches down in LA, however, she’s whisked to the home of her “mate”. Once she meets the handsome and compelling Lawrence O’Neill, Katya discovers she isn’t in a tearing rush to apply for asylum. After he introduces her to the pleasures of sexual submission, she’s even less inclined do so. That is, until Lawrence makes it clear he’s not the only person she’s expected to submit to. Katya knows she must leave or risk becoming nothing but a sexual plaything, but how can she now that she’s learned she’s made for submission?

5.      If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?

Probably the past. There are so many events in history I’m curious about. For example, I’d like to know what Socrates really said (instead of just what Plato says he said) and what Cleopatra was really like. I also want to see how on earth they actually built all of those amazing structures—the pyramids, Mycenae, the Parthenon. It’s so hard to imagine it.

6.      What is your favorite scene in the book and why do you love it?

Hm, I guess I’m not allowed to say they’re all my favorite?

I think if I absolutely have to choose, it’s the one where Gavin takes Libby to the “dungeon” and canes her as punishment for a certain transgression I won’t give away. I love that scene because I think it really shows how attuned Gavin is to Libby’s needs, even when she’s afraid he’s going to far.


Lucy Rodgers writes dark erotic tales that explore the three C’s: consent, coercion, and captivity. Her stories always include some combination of forced seduction, questionable consent, lack of safe words, indoctrination, and slavery/ownership. Lucy’s books are intended for mature readers who understand the difference between fantasy and reality and who are looking for erotic literature that explores not just the physical but also the psychological and emotional elements of sexual bondage and domination.

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  1. Thanks for a great interview and giveaway!

    I commented on "Review: Spiritus by Dana Michelle Burnett"

  2. Dark erotic tales are new for me, but I think I am ready to appreciate them. Love the combination of emotional connection, psychological insight and free exploration of sexual boundaries.

  3. So sad I havent read the first one :/

  4. Thank you!!! I am going to enjoy every bit of it!


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