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Interview with the authors of "Sins of the Mind"

Original Title: Sins of the Mind
Series: Red River Series #1
Author: L. J. Garland, Debbie Gould, Deborah Gould
Publisher: Decadant Publishing
Release Date: May 15th 2012
Genre: Erotica

Seven years ago, Abby Montgomery survived a brutal attack. Now she is ready to put her pain in the past and move on with her life. The problem is, one by one the men in her life are being viciously murdered.

The detective assigned to the case, Ethan Parker, has demons of his own to hide. As the danger gets closer to Abby, so does Ethan. But can they get past his secrets before the killer gets to them? Sometimes the sins of the mind are more depraved than the sins of the heart.


DEBBIE GOULD : Thanks for inviting us, I’m excited.
LJ GARLAND : Yes, thanks so much for having us today!

    1.      Is there an inspiration behind why you chose writing?

DEBBIE GOULD: I’ve always read, but basically my daughter had gone through a particularly hard break up, so I decided to write about the type of man I thought she deserved.
LJ GARLAND: It wasn’t until I met my husband that the bug really bit. This story idea just jumped into my head, and I came home from work one day and said, “Honey, I want to write a book.”

  1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?
DEBBIE GOULD: A Marine Biologist, then I wanted to join the Navy and be a chef on one of their boats. I ended up being a nurse, lol.
LJ GARLAND: Well, I wanted to be the President of the United States until I was twelve. Then I smartened up! lol After that I wanted to be an actress. Did that for a while then moved to teaching college and that led to home schooling my three boys… Wow, I’m old!

  1. What are your current literary works?  Any sneak peaks?
DEBBIE GOULD: We’re actually working on three stories right now.
LJ GARLAND: Oh gosh, yes…we are! We keep tossing these chapters back and forth and sometimes I forget which character goes with which story. LOL
DEBBIE GOULD: I try to keep her straight, but it’s difficult at times. Especially if Laura hasn’t had her coffee.
LJ GARLAND: (glances down at coffee cup) Oh wait. I need a refill. Back in a sec.
DEBBIE GOULD: (sigh) We are working on the next book in the Red River Series, yup more murder, mayhem, and romance, lol.
LJ GARLAND: Back. Now, Red River series? Yep, we’ll be torturing the next characters even more than the first. Though, I think Sins of the Mind had several unexpected twists…and the characters got banged up pretty good.
DEBBIE GOULD: Think we should tease?
DEBBIE GOULD: Okay. So, the next story in the Red River series is Will Donovan’s story. Here’s a little bit of our latest WIP….

FBI Agent Will Donovan jogged down the platform toward the train. Each step jolted the flashlight in his hand, sending the beam of light dashing over the concrete in front of him. Would he be too late?
Rows of light illuminated the abandoned trains, left in an old offshoot line of Boston’s Boylston Street Station. He rushed past a wall decorated with graffiti and cobwebs, his footsteps ringing hollow in the old concrete-lined tunnel. Behind him his partner, Kate Yarbrough followed.
“Will,” she called, her voice a harsh whisper filled with warning.
He slowed up. Kate was right. Rushing in could get them both killed. Just because the psycho bastard hadn’t set traps before didn’t mean there weren’t any this time. With both hands, he swept his flashlight beam and Glock 23 across the area, searching out the monster who’d murdered so many women. But only dirt, gravel, and rusted tracks were revealed.
He twisted back to his partner, who tilted her head toward the train car. Get on the train, Will. Find the girl. He nodded.

DEBBIE GOULD: We’re also working on a suspense short story for Decadent’s 1Night Stand series.
LJ GARLAND: Oh, yeah…those hottie pararescue guys.
DEBBIE GOULD: Oh, my they are sooo hot and a great bunch of guys.
LJ GARLAND: That story is a romantic suspense. And we’re hoping to build a string of stories about these amazing guys.
DEBBIE GOULD: Did I mention they are hot!
LJ GARLAND: LOL Yes, Debbie. The guys are hot. But they’re more than that, too. Right? They have their own set of issues/baggage. The third story we’re working on is a short paranormal romantic suspense.
DEBBIE GOULD: Oh, yeah. The tat story.
LJ GARLAND: Another twisty tale…or it should be by the time we’re finished.
DEBBIE GOULD: No doubt, lol. If one of our minds doesn’t think of it, the other does.
LJ GARLAND: So, hopefully, we’ll have more releases soon. Some shorts and a longer story or two.

  1. If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?
DEBBIE GOULD: I’d go back. I have some unfinished business, lol.
LJ GARLAND: To the future. Definitely would want to see what happens next….
  1. Which topics would you like to explore in your future books (assuming there are more to come)?
DEBBIE GOULD: We really don’t pic a “topic” to cover. Basically we let our characters tell their own story.      What ever that may be.
LJ GARLAND: We’ve already laid out the next several books in the Red River series, plus two other paranormal romance series.

  1. Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
DEBBIE GOULD: It’s awesome, love, romance, blood and guts, lmao. 
LJ GARLAND: Garland & Gould: Romance with a twist…or two!

  1. Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
DEBBIE GOULD: Having readers tell me they loved the story and can’t wait till the next.
LJ GARLAND: Yes! Hearing from readers has been wonderful.

  1. What's one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?
DEBBIE GOULD: Don’t give up.
LJ GARLAND: Learn the craft. Write the best story…and most important…Never quit.
  1. If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world, which would it be?
LJ GARLAND: Not sure which book exactly, but it would probably be a sci-fi romance. 

  1. If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
DEBBIE GOULD: Starting over at 47.
LJ GARLAND: Coffee & a Touch of Insanity

  1. What is your favorite scene in the book and why do you love it?
DEBBIE GOULD: Abby and Ethan’s first love scene. It takes a lot for her to let her guard down and trust him, he doesn’t make her sorry she did.
LJ GARLAND: Ooo. Yeah. That’ is a good scene. I like the scene where Ethan has Elliot Swanson in the interrogation room.

  1. What TV show/movie/book do you watch/read that you'd be embarrassed to admit?
DEBBIE GOULD: The Bachelor, so much angst, lol.
LJ GARLAND: Ringer. Total decadent drama. lol

  1. What books do you most recommend to friends?
DEBBIE GOULD: Any written by me or LJ or me and LJ.
  1. One food you would never eat?
DEBBIE GOULD: Testicles?
LJ GARLAND: Bleh! LOLOL How about tongue? Wouldn’t touch it!


1.      Favorite place?
DEBBIE GOULD: The beach or around water.
LJ GARLAND: Jacuzzi tub.

2.      Best Christmas present?

3.      Favorite book?
DEBBIE GOULD: Lucky’s Lady by Tami Hoag
LJ GARLAND: Lightning by Dean Koontz

4.      Favorite author?

5.      Favorite smell?
LJ GARLAND: Fresh sawed pine.

6.      Favorite series?
DEBBIE GOULD: Don’t have one

7.      Nickname?
DEBBIE GOULD: Don’t have one.
LJ GARLAND: Nope, me neither. Hmm…maybe we should come up with some.

8.      Favorite writing spot?

9.      Favorite movie?
DEBBIE GOULD: Currently, Act of Valor.
LJ GARLAND: LOL Just saw that! It’s awesome!

10.  Favorite dish?
LJ GARLAND: Mushroom ravioli

11.  Favorite color?

12.  Favorite quote?
DEBBIE GOULD: Currently the one running through my mind is not appropriate.
LJ GARLAND: Never give up. Never surrender.

13.  Favorite flavor of ice cream?
DEBBIE GOULD: Black Raspberry
LJ GARLAND: Cookie dough

14.  Your best trait?

15.  Your worst trait?
DEBBIE GOULD: Trying too hard.
LJ GARLAND: List is too long….lol

LJ GARLAND: Thank you so much for having us here today!
DEBBIE GOULD: Yes, thanks! We had a wonderful time!

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And you can find Sins of the Mind here!

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  1. Awesome interview! My fav quote is also "Never give up. Never surrender!"


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