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Interview & Giveaway (Signed cover flats, a magnet and $10 GC): The Zurian Child by Jessica E. Subject

Original Title: The Zurian Child
Series: Mark of the Stars #1
Author: Jessica E. Subject
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Published Date: March 24th 2012
Genre: Science fiction, Romance

Lindsay Beckett longed to be reunited with her first love, Quinn Montgomery, until she learns the secret that sent him fleeing from her in the first place. He’s an alien, a Hemera, and she’s half-Hemera herself. As if that wasn’t enough to ruin her dreams of a perfect life, when their child is born, they discover she fulfills a prophesy told twenty light years away and many years ago. Lindsay wants to ignore it, until her husband is murdered and suddenly believing becomes a matter of survival.

Lindsay and her young daughter are forced to rely on another Hemera, her husband’s partner and best friend, Bryce Beuermann as more and more of the Hemera are slaughtered. Bryce will do anything to help his best friend’s widow—including suppressing his own deep feelings for her. But he must prove they can trust him, even pretending he doesn’t want her with all his heart.



Is there an inspiration behind why you chose writing?

When my daughter was in kindergarten, so would break down in tears when she had to read. She absolutely hated it. As a book lover, this was so disheartening, so I decided to write her a book about superheroes. Well, that book quickly turned into something else. I wrote another book for her, and the seed was planted.

Give us a glimpse into a typical day in your day starting when you wake up till you lie down again.

I really don’t have a typical day. Depending on the day job, I try to fit in as much writing time as possible, and I’m usually on the computer two or three times a day to do social networking, promotion, etc. But from the time I get up, early in the morning, until the time I go to bed, my mind doesn’t rest. I rarely watch television anymore (except Castle), as I fall asleep if I stop.

Finish the sentence- one book I wish I had written is....

Lucy In The Sky by Barbara Elsborg.

What are your current literary works?  Any sneak peaks?

I have four short stories published with Decadent Publishing: Celestial Seduction, Beneath the Starry Sky, Unknown Futures, and Never Gonna Let You Go. Plus, I have three more stories contracted with them, including An Unexpected Return, which will be a part of their new sci-fi line.

The Zurian Child, the first book in the Mark of the Stars series, just released in March with Silver Publishing.

If you could invite any 5 people to dinner who would you choose?

I would invite Layna Pimentel, Lorna Suzuki, Rebecca Royce, DL Jackson, and Zee Monodee. These ladies have helped me so much on this path to publication, and I’d love to meet them all face-to-face.

Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters?

I have a playlist for the majority of the stories I write, but the songs on most of them are E.T. by Katy Perry, and Untouched by The Veronicas.

What TV show/movie/book do you watch/read that you'd be embarrassed to admit?

In books, I’m not really embarrassed to admit to anything I read. I love Harry Potter, and a lot of YA, such as The Hunger Games, but I also read erotica, including M/M and manages. It just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

As for television, I guess I’d have to say Sweet Home Alabama (like The Bachelor) and Sons of Guns. I’m usually trying to get work done while they’re on, but I do follow the shows.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.

I would say it’s every time a reader tells me they enjoyed my story.

What's one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?

Have your work critiqued. It was the best piece of advice ever given to me, and it started the ball rolling.

If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world, which would it be?

Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch. I want to meet all of those hot Alpha-Centaurians.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

Don’t stop.

What is your favorite scene in the book and why do you love it?

In a book about my life? Um, that would be when my husband proposed. I was laughing, crying, and so happy all at the same time. I’ll just say that our daughter doesn’t know how to keep a secret. Still doesn’t.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?

Anything, and pretty much everything. Though I did go to university for Business Administration.

In your wildest dreams, which author would you love to co-author a book with?

Nora Roberts.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

I’d like to be able to fly, though I’d rather just have Superman nearby. ;)


Favorite place?
Duchesnay Falls

Best christmas present?
My best presents have come on other holidays. Christmas is for the kids.

Favorite book?
Just one? The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Favorite author?
Again, one? Nora Roberts w/a J.D. Robb

Favorite smell?

Favorite series?
In Death series by J.D. Robb


Favorite writing spot?
Anywhere that’s quiet.

Favorite movie?
Star Trek (2009)

Favorite dish?

Favorite color?

Favorite quote?
Books are never a waste of money – My mom

Favorite flavor of ice cream?
New York Cherry Cheesecake

Your best trait?
I’m organized.

Your worst trait?
I can’t say no to books.

Thank you so much for having me today!!


Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

AUTHOR ONLINE: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Google+ | Amazon


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  1. Wow this book sounds really really interesting. I've heard really good things about Lucy in the sky lately. I thought this was interesting this is a book she wished had written. her story about how she got started was awesome too.

    1. Thanks so much, Janiera! Lucy In The Sky was recommended to me by one of my critique partners, and I have since bought more books by Barbara Elsborg. Loved it! :)

  2. For got my email in case I win :) prettyhaydengurl at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! The Zurian Child sounds good.
    And omigosh I just started JD Robb's In Death series, and so far it's really good. I've heard so much online that people absolutely love it, and I have a feeling I probably will too.


    1. Thanks, Jess! I absolutely love this series. I'd read other Nora Roberts books before, but this series is "must-read" from her. :)

  4. I enjoyed the interview thank you. Your Mother is right: books are never a waste of money.


    1. Thank you, Mary! No, they're not. I only wish I could read them faster. LOL :)

  5. Thank you for hosting Jessica today.

  6. Thank you again for hosting me today! :)

  7. Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck with the rest of the tour!

  8. This book sounds really interesting! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  9. I'm just as bad about books myself. if only I had $500 a month to just spend on books... LOL!

    1. That would be awesome to have that much. LOL Thank you! :)

  10. My kids (all adults now) tease me about my books. Thanks for some more suggestions on books to read. I liked your interview and loved the Nickname.
    Appreciate the giveaway.

    1. Thank you, Leona! I don't think my kids will be teasing me, as right now they love books as much as I do. But I do get the teasing from my husband. :)

  11. I loved your interview. Your story sounds awesome, and I would really like to read it.

  12. This sounds like a GREAT book! I found you through Beck Valley Books and so glad that I stopped by! New follower from

  13. I always enjoy the quick answer round. AND, I haven't read Lucy in the Sky...Is it a good one?

    1. Those questions are a lot of fun to answer, Catherine. :)

      Yes, Lucy In The Sky is fabulous! It is very erotic and sexy, just so you know. But it is one you'll never forget.

      Thanks for following my tour!

  14. The Zuiran Child sounds really good! I hope I get the chance to read it! :)

  15. That was such a moving story that you started writing because your daughter didn't like reading. I worked for years with children who had reading problems and it seemed it was always a challenge to find books that would stimulate them. Thanks for helping all of us!

    1. My kids have found many that they love over the years. but getting them to develop from reciting the ones we read over and over to actually reading them for themselves was difficult. We found a bunch of easy readers at the library that dealt with subjects and characters my daughter enjoyed rather than the books she brought home from school. It was a slow process, but we made it through. Thank you! :)

  16. Been hearing about this book a lot recently! ON my TBR List!

    1. That's good to know. LOL Thank you so much! :)

  17. thank

  18. This book sounds so interesting! I've never read a book about aliens--wait, never mind. Okay, I haven't read more than one or two and that was a while ago. Going to put this book on my to read list. So excited. Aliens! Have been reading too much about vampires lately. They're great books but something different sounds very appealing right now.

    1. Thank you, Melodie! There are a lot of fabulous books about aliens out there, including Gini Koch's "Alien" series, Lucy in the Sky by Barbara Elsborg, and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. So many more, too. And I have two more alien stories releasing at the end of this month. :)

  19. Sounds really good and like something I would like. Thanks for post.

  20. Ooh another sci fi romance. My favorite plus it has a baby in it. Also something I love.

  21. Very nice interview. The book sounds intriguing.


  22. Great giveaway..would love to win.. :)

  23. Thanks for the heads up for the giveaway.

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  24. Hi, I really love your cover and plot. I want to read it.

  25. I am not late right? Its still 11th May in U.S.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I am very much interested in this book..All the best on the success of your book promotions. Thanks.

  27. I love M/M too, and also can't say no to books...


  28. Thank you again, Vidya, for hosting me during The Zurian Child blog tour! I am tallying all of the comments now, and will post the winners here:


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