Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Review: Alec's Dream (Ghost of Angels #1)

Original Title: Alec's Dream
Series:Ghost of Angels #1
Author: Dave Birchbauer
Published Date: November 7th 2011
Genre: Sci-fi

How could anyone ever know she would be here? Only through a strange series of events was Jessie here at all… lost on an alien spaceship because she stowed away on another spaceship… impossible. And yet, here was an alien, on an alien spaceship, who’s been waiting hundreds of years for her to show up… and he even had a gift for her!


Alec and Clay were scientists and thick friends. Their daughters are Jessie and Sofie, and they are thick friends as well. Jessie is interested in new inventions, as her father. When Alec's new anti-gravity spaceship invention is launched, Jessie and Sofie also travel to moon, along with the crew. Something is already waiting for them there and they are held prisoners by aliens. Not only that, the aliens have bad plans for our Earth. Will Jessie save the crew, her friend and Earth?

Review on first 40% of the book:
I think the author could have made the effort to make this book easier for all types of readers. Well, not all of us are geeks here. But, you will have to be at least half-geek, for understanding the book.

Review on the remaining 60% of the book:
Hmm..interesting! Some things are a bit hard to take in like Jessie's powers. But, this was really a good effort by the author. Will definitely go for next in the series.

A good effort!

3.5 stars!

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  1. While I enjoy sci-fi not so sure I would like this one. I hopped over from the Book Hop to become your newest follower. Hope you will drop by and check out my blog at


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