Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review: Firecracker by Charles R. Verhey

Original Title: Firecracker
Author: Charles R. Verhey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Fantasy

Firecracker is a fun contemporary fantasy thriller about a young woman named Aideen Cassidy, who has to be careful with her emotions because when she explodes, things literally explode! Being a pyrokinetic - able to start fires with her mind - isn't an easy thing to live with, especially when trying to find work in the modern world. Luck or fate lands her a job with a group of eccentric psychics who use their gifts to help local authorities with difficult cases. They can see the future, sense feelings, read minds - useful traits. All Aideen can do is blow things up. But there' something special about her that has caught the attention of the most powerful psychic in the world, and there are secrets about the organization even the psychics don't know. Plans have been put into motion, secrets are unraveling, lives are in danger, and the group soon find themselves caught in a conspiracy of shadowy monsters, government spies, and ancient legends that date back 600 years.

All Aideen wanted was to fit in. Now the lives of all her new friends must rely on her talents for fiery destruction.


When is the next book in the series coming out? Please please tell me..

Cass is a pyrokinetic..her emotions has lead to some explosions around her. Due to this 'gift', she was cast away from society. With no friends, no proper place, no job and unpaid bills and rent, Cass desperately tries to get the job in an organization. After some initial problems, Li Hung, her interviewer, employs her. Little did she know the dangers of her job.

Li and his company call themselves as PsychTeam, as they are all psychics with different powers of their own. Miyuki, the owner of the PsychTeam, a fragile little girl, is the Prophet and she was the one involved in convincing Li to recruit Cass. The team helps in resolving regular police cases. Li, as part of the training, involves Cass in one such missing-girl case. But, Cass started having nightmares about that girl and some horrible beast is chasing her with the only intention of killing her. You will have to get the book to know more..

Riveting plot, admirable characters and great entertaining read. It was a perfect masala mix of all my favorite genres - fantasy, romance, humor, action and mystery. The novel is set in present time and I can just imagine the life of an orphan, especially a psychic. The author expresses the sequences well enough to immerse the readers in the psychic world.

If the author could improve his writing, he would rock! The dialogues were good, but when he shifts over from one person's eye to another, there are some confusions.

Highly entertaining! Just read it!!!  (GET THE BOOK HERE!)

4.5 stars!

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