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Review, Guest Post & Giveaway (autographed copy): Maycly by Janet Beasley

Original Title: Maycly
Series: Hidden Earth Series
Author: Janet Beasley
Publisher: JLB Creatives
Published Date: March 2012
Genre: Fantasy
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Maycly is a world everyone longs to experience, but for Iona, left alone to fend for herself, Maycly has become a fading dream. After years of endless searching for her missing family, she had all but given up hope. But the Grand Wizard, SUL, had a plan.
 This faith based fantasy adventure is suitable for the entire family. Maycly is filled with adventure, trials, love, and epic battles, along with fantastic flora, creative creatures, and characters that come to life through illustrations. There is no profanity, vulgarity, or explicit sex.
 Will Iona discover her true destiny? Will she ever find her missing family? Is Maycly bound to an existence of Evil for eternity? What will happen to Earth? Only the tales of HIDDN EARTH hold the answers.


The novel started with a tragedy.  20-year old Iona, who is happily married to Cole, a loving husband and lives near her parents' house.  She is also suffering from various ailments and Cole takes care of her in all possible ways.  One bad day, Cole and her parents doesn't return back from their doesn't return home after their travel.  After searching the hospitals, police stations and neighborhood for days, Iona is left alone with her ailments..and yeah, debts.  After some months, Iona's home is going to be taken for debts and she is homeless.  At that time, she is gifted with a cute puppy, which is left at her doorstep.

Iona leaves home and wanders away with the puppy.  She sleeps in the streets and eats from the garbage.  Yeah, I know..not a story that you gives you the happy feelings right?  But, don't worry..Iona's sufferings ends here.  When she reaches another village, she is given home and job by a stranger who calls himself - "The Man Behind the Dumpster" or "Dumpster Man".  She soon is thrown into a series of activities, that is not in any way in her control.  Will Iona live up to her expectations?  Will she trust the God of Maycly - SUL?  Will she be able to save the land of God?  Will she ever find and rejoin with her parents and her husband?  I know you hope she does..join the club!

There is a separate story of Maycly - the land of all good things.  It explains the creation of the universe, Earth and Maycly.  The Creator is called SUL!  It was really exciting to read about the theory of creation of the Universe.  This book is more suitable to middle grade/children. 

The author has amazing imagination and she really has a good talent in writing.  This series will be remembered by children as the one that they enjoyed.  (But, I really doubt whether the same goes for adults..)

An interesting attempt on pure fantasy!


There are three parts of the Hidden Earth series.  But, this is available in one single set too (above picture).


 - Guest Post by Janet Beasley

1.  I love westerns
2.  If my husband and I could do anything in the world we would race offshore boats.

3.  I get attached to the fish in my aquarium
4.  I hate coconut
5.  I can’t draw pictures of anything
6.  I’m scared to death of caterpillars, grass hoppers, and big beetles
7.  I have no talent at growing anything in the flora realm
8.  Chick flicks are nowhere in my vocabulary
9.  I write so much better than I read
10.  I’m terrible at math


Janet was born and raised in Ohio. She and her husband, Don, moved to Florida in the 1980′s to not only escape the cold winters, but to also pursue their careers as live event and production specialists. It was through their parent company, Multi-Tech Productions, Inc, that Janet's creativity was given free reign to soar. She was published in trade specific magazines, published non-fiction books, spoke at international conferences nationwide, and developed training classes pertaining to technical theater applications. When chronic illness stopped her in her tracks, it didn't stop her as a creative genius. Once she was back on her feet she took over the family gourmet dog treat business and expanded it by adding a full scale bakery to the already established "BARK"-ery. Again she collapsed, and again she didn't let it keep her down. Her creativity crested new horizons, and after putting herself through schooling at age 49 she became an epic fantasy author. She birthed JLB Creatives, a subsidiary of Multi-Tech Productions, Inc., which handles the publishing and authorship side of the business.

Volume 1 - Maycly in her HIDDEN EARTH series was an eight year project brought to fruition by her determination, dedication, and zest for life! Janet and Don still reside in Florida. Janet is a dog lover who enjoys tandem kayaking, photographing nature, and baking cupcakes.

AUTHOR ONLINE: Blog 1 | Blog 2 | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Flickr


Well readers, the author is giving away an autographed copy of Maycly (Complete Hidden Earth series set) to one winner of Continental US.  If you are outside Continental U.S., you have to take care of the shipping charges.  


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