Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review: Nette by Barbara Rayne

Original Title: Nette
Author: Barbara Rayne
Published Date: March 21st 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian

In a world where gender was distinguished by the eye color, blue for female and brown for male, she had the misfortune of being born as brown eyed girl. Being ugly and a freak to everyone was the least of her troubles. Immortal and destined to be a queen, her mere existence was a threat to the king. After everyone she loved was brutally murdered, she had no choice but to pursue the path she was destined. In a world that made it obvious there was no place in it for her, immortal Nette will have to make room even if it means killing them all.


In a world around 3010, where men and women are differentiated by their eye colour - brown eyes for men and blue eyes for women.  But, Nette is a girl, who was born with brown eyes and so, her parents hide her from the society fearing how they would treat their baby.  When Nette was 5 years old, she is drowned in a river and they never found out what happened to her.  But, Nette was saved by some light bubbles floating in the air.  Soon, she learns that she is an immortal who cannot die, and she do not need to eat or drink.

After 5 years of surviving in a bubble, one day, Nette is left in front of the villagers by the bubble.  Her grand father identifies her and tells her that she is part of a prophecy, where she kills the cruel king who killed her parents after she drowned.  Nette learns to speak and write, along with military training.  Many of them do not accept her for being different and want to betray her.  Will she survive everything and still kill the King?  Will she be accepted by the society of selfish people, for whom she is willing to give her own life?

After some bad start of the novel, I thought this book is not going to be good.  But, this one really surprised me by bringing out the true qualities of the people.  I just hated the fact that how far people will go for the power and money, due to their selfishness.  Life is so unfair..I.get it.  But, Nette, who does everything for her people's welfare and happiness, only gets betrayal and pain from them, in return.  I loved Nette's will and courage, as much as I loved her patience and innocence.

There is some romance in the novel, that I liked.  The only one person, who trusted and helped her from the start is Prince Raul.  Even there, Nette didn't receive a moment's happiness, due to Raul's evil mother.  If someone in the novel deserves some peace and happiness in their life, it would most definitely be Nette.  I am really glad, that Raul is the real love for her.

I definitely want to give this book 5 stars..yeah, it was that good.  But, I can't, just because of the starting chapters.

Highly recommended for fantasy lovers!

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